Jellyfish lamps


My work with jellyfish lamps springs from the raw beauty that we find hidden deep in the ocean. I see jellyfish as the otherworldly dancers of the sea, with innumerable variations in patterns, shapes, colours and moods to which I give artistic expression through knit work. These strange beings remind me that comfort is deeply intertwined with hurt when we remember and sense all layers of life.

Literally and philosophically, the layers of the jellyfish are meditations of what is visible and what lies hidden to us in the dark, of beauty and the pain that we need contemplation and quietude to embrace.

I have created eleven jellyfish lamps so far, each with their individual identity, a mix of materials, dyes and lighting effects, and more are coming.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries.

mariannejohnstad_jellyfishlamp_blue_.w .jpg

Cups, 2016


Fantasizing about the cup and its shape and function,  reworking discarded and damaged pieces of knitting from other projects.


Transformation - Brown objects


Transformation is a series of poetic artworks that makes visible experiences of change and transformation. It is a cyclic process, where I rework discarded and damaged pieces of knit from other projects and from them create images of a journey of constant personal development.

I create the works by changing the surface and expression of the textile through stretching and with plaster and color. From the soft surface of the textile, a crisp and raw materiality not unlike traces of an abandoned chrysalis appears.

mariannejohnstad_transformation_knit .jpeg

Transformation - White objects 


Hairpin lace cup, 2016


Fantasizing about the cup and its shape and function in relation to the material I am working in.

Thinking of white laces and an english cup of tea in white porcelain.


Hairpin Lace Images, 2016


Prints of hairpin lace objects, all on different papers and textiles, each with their individual expression.

The hairpin lace print originals are different yarn objects created on a hairpin lace loom, which I have made in varied materials.

They are part of an exploration of the possible traces we make on each other through our lives together and how those traces affect our personality. I also experiment with the many variations possible in the mix of yarn, lace, paper and textile. 

The series encompasses the original looms, original prints and print in editions of 20.

Sizes 30x30 cm and 30x40cm