is inspired by change; in the transition between light and darkness, between what is immediately visible and that which can be sensed only in deeper layers, in fluctuating moods and sensations. Working with textiles is a journey of realization where I strive to create works that make room for reflection and for accepting the painful sides of life.

I grew up by the North Sea and the lifeforms and cyclic motions of the ocean often influence my works; how waves move the long tentacles of a jellyfish, how a shift in the light can change an atmosphere. In all aspects of my work, I immerse myself in a sensuous and experimenting dialogue with materials, color and technique. 

 I also make products which will soon be visble and avaible in the webshop.

Member of Danish Crafts & Design Association (DKOD)





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Studio / shop

Jellingegade 8 kld. th

DK- 2100 Copenhagen

+45 27139810

Member of Danish Crafts & Design Association (DKOD)

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